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Rajeh Al Marri & Sons Company


Jun 27 2013

Ali Rajeh Al-Marri was appointed as CEO for Business 2013


Ali Rajeh Al-Marri is a holder of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. Even before he became fullfledged engineer, he has been engaged in the family business which is specializing on oil and gas pipeline construction with Saudi Aramco. When he was appointed as Vice President for Business Development in 2003, he immediately made his strategic plans and do some restructuring of the company to make it at par with its competitors. Currently he is also a member of the Board of the RHM Group of Companies. Applying strategic planning with a global perspective, Mr. Ali has transformed Rajeh H. Al-Marri & Sons Co. (RHM) into a formidable industry leader. Now RHM is recognized as an A-1 Contractor of Saudi Aramco. He applied proven business strategies to turn RHM from a fledging organization into a pipeline construction industry leader. The strategies include Operational Management, Strategic Planning, Performance and Quality Standards, Leadership Development, Management and Resources Planning, Mission and Vision Planning and Business Forecasting. Seeing the vast potential for growth, Mr. Ali opened new marketing channels and established strategic alliances with industry leaders. Through these proven business strategies, he has managed to sustain the growth of the company as it branches out to other field of services such as health care management, trading and catering.

Mar 31 2014

New Deputy CEO


We are proud & thrilled to announce that Mr. Nather Al-Zahir is officially holding the position of RHM & Sons Co. Deputy CEO. He will be fully responsible for all the work done within the company, under each department, division and project. All department will be reporting to him. As company, we're fortunate to have such knowledgeable person as our Deputy CEO and expecting full collaboration and cooperation from all.