Rajesh H. Al-Marri & Sons Co.

Haradh Satellite Field Construction

Client's Company Name : SAUDI ARAMCO

Date Awarded :January 2014

Scope of Works:

The scope of works includes provide complete manpower , equipment and contractor supplied materials to construct 15 gas wells, 15 flow lines pipe size ranging from 8” to 12” and trunk lines pipe sizes ranging from 16” and 24” with associated scraper launcher and receiver facilities. Construction of remote headers with flow line and trunk lines, construction of 5Ea OSB, Communication shelters, Mobile radio system with tower 70 meters H and 50mtr H.U/G FOC installation, OHPL with OPGW and CP system.


Client's Company Name : Saudi Aramco

Date Awarded :June 2011

Scope of Works:

The Scope of Work includes detailed design of the pipeline and ancillary facilities, material procurement, activities including procurement, inspection, expediting and transportation of contractor-supplied materials and equipment from point of origin to the job location, construction and commissioning of the pipeline and its associated facilities. Engineering and Detailed designing of 36” SHBABNGL-1 pipeline approximately 633 KM and its associated facilities. Construction of 36” new B/G Pipeline from Shaybah NGL to KM 633 near Abqaiq. Construction of 6 new Scraper Launcher/Receivers at different locations of the NGL pipeline from Shaybah to Abqaiq (SHY-NGL Scraper trap area, KM-211, KM-431, & KM 633) with handling facilities and all associated kicker lines, equalizing lines, blow down, drains & vent line piping. Civil/structural works associated with the construction of scraper launcher/receiver facilities and mainline isolation valve stations; Installation of 24” flow bypasses with a new isolation and check valve at Juaymah Gas Plant; Installation of 15 EA MOVs and 77 EA HOVs along the new NGL pipeline. Construction of one overhead power line (OHP) with pole-mounted transformer at KM-633 approximately 1.3 kilometer long; Hot tapping for jump over connections inside JGP Plant and for lateral connections at KM 633; Provide and install mainline valves assemblies; Installation of fenced burn pits for all scraper traps and mainline valve stations; Installation of FOC and other communication equipments. Install new RTU (5Ea) and upgrading of existing RTU (20Ea); Installation of C.P. Stations at 4 locations for the new pipeline sections from Shaybah NGL to KM-633.


Client's Company Name : Saudi Aramco

Date Awarded :July 2010

Scope of Works:

Contractor shall furnish all equipment, tools, labor, supervision and materials and shall perform all operations and tasks required to provide the facilities for Yanbu Export Refinery Project. The facilities constitute the pipeline re-route and tie-in to the Yanbu Gas Plant. Other scope includes but not limited to the following: Construct the re-rote section of the SHY-1 26in pipeline from KP0+000 to new scraper trap at Yanbu Gas Plant, YGP by installing an underground pipeline in the T-5 corridor, crossing the TAMA Highway using the previously installed culvert and bringing the line into the new Scraper Trap Enclosure near the Yanbu Gas Plant where the line ends with V73-D-010. Install new SHY-1 26in scraper trap; construct connecting pipe and tie-in to the YGP. Construct the necessary utilities including utility water, utility air and firewater extension to the new scraper trap. Construct the new 30” laterial (30”-P-XXX1-9CS9P) on the existing sleepers. Connect the laterial on both spool ends by stringing and welding the pipe from V73-D-010 to the proposed tie-in location. The tie-in will require closing ZV-516 and ZV-517 to shutdown 24”-P-9506-9A2, empty and de-gas the main header (24”-P-9506-9A2) to allow cold-cut tie-in of 30”-P-XX1-CS9P. Complete the other in-plant work including the tie-in to the blowdown line. Support operations in commissioning the line as required. Tie-in the new 26” SHY-1 to the existing SHY-1 at KM 0.0. Demolition of existing SHY-1 scraper trap and redundant piping inside YGG after all tie-ins have been accomplished. Demolition and removal of existing SHY-1 pipeline buried across the Yanbu Export Refinery and the Remote Laydown Area. Install signs, markers, Cathodic protection facilities, relocate fences, perform civil works and clean up and restore the work site and areas within YGP. PetroRabigh Pipelines Contractor shall construct a new re-route of the PetroRabigh Pipelines (6in YRBBTU-1) and 18in YRBETH-1.


Client's Company Name : Saline Water Conversion Corp. (SWCC)

Date Awarded :August 2010

Scope of Works:

Scope of Works: The scope includes Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of 24" FBE coated underground pipeline approximately 43 KM with mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation works. Its also include the construction of right of way (ROW), thrust boring, installation of Cathodic Protection, LDS, RTUs, FOC, Scraper Launcher and Receiver and two above ground 24” MOVs and GOVs, etc.

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